Steps To Setup, Change The Password & Assign The IP Address Of Netgear Genie Router

Netgear is able to compromise with its users from so many years by manufacturing many trusted and reliable products for their users. They have managed to make quite a lot of technical products, that their goodwill has now become a threat to every brand of WiFi routers.

From recent years Netgear has marked as the best, top-rated and fastest manufacturing organization of WiFi routers which now is needed in offices, every home, and banks. They were the first one to introduce the WiFi router signifying the trademark of the technical WiFi routers. They have their legacy going on from many years back which are manufacturing stable, strong and steady wireless routers for the best usage to its customers.

Netgear allows its users to cover a wide range of network signals with their high tech WiFi routers of dual bands and tri-bands features. Netgear genie login is easily accessible by and the IP address also. They cover all types of WiFi routers from the basic one to high tech ones. They have been treating every type of customers from home purpose to MNC, with their reliable and efficient quality. They cover every type of working requirement with their wide variety of purposes.

Netgear has now come up with its highly advanced and modern technology i.e Netgear Genie app, which is able to control or monitor the advance home settings through a single app.

Netgear Genie app has the ability to handle the entire WiFi router system with a single touch. The application of the genie is applicable to both IOS as well as the Android versions.

Netgear genie login

Netgear genie login and setup:-

Netgear setup is easy to access and manage, it is just some keystrokes away by just typing on the URL address bar of the browser. Netgear setup is also easily accessible by, which is the IP address of the Netgear WiFi routers.

Steps to successfully change the password of the Netgear Genie router interface:-

  1. Login to the Netgear WiFi router by typing in the URL bar.
  2. Fill up the password and the respective username.
  3. Now click on Advanced then click on administration and then set the new Password.
  4. Now enter the old password and then enter twice the new passwords for the confirmation of the new password.
  5. Finally, click on Apply to save all the changes.

Steps to successfully assign a desired IP address on the Netgear Genie router interface:-

  1. Type in the URL address bar of your web browser to access the Netgear setup.
  2. Fill up all the given credentials.
  3. To gain the IP address of the device which you are operating. Click on Attached Device below the BASIC tab in the menu. Note the IP address of the respective device that you are currently using.
  4. Then Click on Advanced then click setup and then finally the LAN setup.
  5. Now there will be Address Reservation, under that, there will add click named as ADD.
  6. Now type the IP address, MAC address, and Device name.
  7. Finally, click ADD to save the changes.

Is the Netgear router firmware update necessary for the router?

Netgear router firmware update is kind of necessary for the wireless router. It provides better functionality and stability to the Netgear WiFi routers. Netgear router firmware is easily updated with the access of Netgear router setup which is done with the help of going to the link

How many entries are allowed for the Netgear WiFi routers?

20 entries are being allowed for the older models of Netgear and 64 entries are permitted for the new generation of Netgear WiFi routers.

What is the use of Netgear Genie?

Netgear Genie is basically an app for the smartphone and software program for the windows which is capable of handling, monitoring and repairing your wireless home networks with its dashboard to manage your Netgear WiFi routers.

If you encounter any issue regarding the Netgear WiFi router or the Netgear genie password recovery, then you can always refer to the solution guide available on our website. Plus you can also email our experts technicians or do a live chat with them to resolve your queries.

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